Henri Rousseau, about age 62, posing in his apartment/studio in Paris in front of "Jungle with Setting Sun" ("Negro Attacked by a Jaguar"),  1906(?)

Henri Rousseau, about age 62, posing in his apartment/studio in Paris in front of “Jungle with Setting Sun” (“Negro Attacked by a Jaguar”), 1906(?)

The paintings of the French artist, Henri Rousseau, hang in museums around the world: Basel, Hamburg, Leningrad, London, Moscow, New York, Paris, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Prague, Tokyo, Washington, Zurich, and more. His highly-valued paintings are treasured in many fine art galleries and personal collections. Where to see Henri Rousseau’s Paintings in Museums around the world:
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Henri Rousseau was a mostly average person who persevered in spite of great odds to become a world-famous painter. He started painting later in life, then eventually quit his job at age 49 and painted full-time. He never took art lessons but learned through reading and studying other paintings and artists. Painting became his whole life. And yet it was not until AFTER his death at age 66, in 1910, that France realized that a great artist had lived among us.

He endured much hardship, sadness and humiliation. The happiest years of his life ended when his first wife, Clemence, died of tuberculosis. She was only 37. Five(?) of their children died in childhood. Of the surviving son and daughter, the son died of tuberculosis at age 18. After an early retirement from his government job at age 49, he truly lived in poverty until his death.

His efforts at painting were almost universally mocked, criticized and laughed at until the last few years of his life, when a new generation of artists (including Picasso) developed an admiration for the gentle old man and his art. His paintings usually sold for very little. Some did not sell at all. When he was older he was ALWAYS in debt to his art suppliers. Many times he would give paintings as payment for his meals and bills. He resorted to some side jobs for survival. He taught some music and art lessons, decorated shop windows and did some work for a magazine. When he died he was buried as a pauper, with only 7 people attending the memorial.

Rousseau’s portrait of Joseph Brummer, (purchased in 1908 [?] for 35 francs), was reportedly sold for 4.4 million dollars (almost 3 million pounds) in 1993.

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Flower Child /Enfant de Fleur is signed by Henri Rousseau. It is quite possibly a portrait of his grand-daughter, Jeanne Bernard Rousseau, whom he loved very much. Flower Child / Enfant de Fleur has been in a private collection for many years and has never before been seen by the public. Please click on the following link to see pictures of his granddaughter, Jeanne Bernard Rousseau. GO  TO  GRANDDAUGHTER

Flower Child / Enfant de Fleur, by Henri Rousseau (private collection, USA)

Flower Child / Enfant de Fleur, by Henri Rousseau (private collection, USA)

For more information and details about Henri Rousseau’s portrait, Enfant de Fleur/Flower Child, please click on this page:
Enfant de Fleur/Flower Child |authentic unretouched Henri Rousseau portrait

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