Flower Child / Enfant de Fleur (private collection, USA)

Flower Child / Enfant de Fleur (private collection, USA)

The little girl in the blue dress is    possibly    Henri Rousseau’s beloved granddaughter, Jeanne Bernard-Rousseau.  The portrait is genuine.

 The photograph below was taken when Jeanne was perhaps 2-5 years of age. There was a striking resemblance to Flower Child / Enfant de Fleur as soon as I saw the photograph. But I have no proof. You can decide for yourself.  The world may never know.

Jeanne Bernard Rousseau as a young child

Jeanne Bernard Rousseau as a young child


Jeanne Bernard-Rousseau (Henri Rousseau's granddaughter) as a baby

Jeanne Bernard-Rousseau (Henri Rousseau’s granddaughter) as a baby


I was very pleased to receive the following two emails from Erwan Le Sommier (from France ?):

” Jeanne Bernard-Rousseau was my piano teacher when I was kid in Cherbourg .
I would never forget her : great artist and a so kind person. She makes a
musician from me. She only had had two little statues of angels, present
from her grand-father, standing on her piano.”

“I unfortunately cannot tell you more about her mother or grand-father as I was her very young pupil and we rarely talk about them. I own Yann Le Pichon’s book and think it’s the closest source to her souvenirs (his grandmother and Mademoiselle Bernard were very close friends).”

Thank you for these emails !  I am sure many people will enjoy them.
I hope to write a chapter about Jeanne Bernard-Rousseau when I have more time.

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