The portrait, Enfant de Fleur / Flower Child, is an authentic, unretouched painting, signed by Henri Rousseau. Like many of Rousseau’s works, the original owner did not at first place a proper value on the portrait. The portrait had been put in a smaller frame. The portrait is about 17″ wide (43.2 cm.) and 20″ (50.8 cm.) tall. A small amount of the gouache paint and part of Rousseau’s signature has been worn. His signature is more visible on the original painting. The present owner has carefully preserved the painting and left it in its original condition. The unretouched condition of the portrait is further proof that the last paint brush to touch this painting was in the hand of Henri Rousseau, and it also adds more proof of its authenticity.

Flower Child / Enfant de Fleur}|authentic unretouched portrait signed by Henri Rousseau (private collection, USA)

Flower Child / Enfant de Fleur}|authentic unretouched portrait signed by Henri Rousseau (private collection, USA)

Flower Child /Enfant de Fleur is quite possibly a portrait of his grand-daughter, Jeanne Bernard Rousseau, whom he loved very much. Flower Child / Enfant de Fleur has been in a private collection for many years and has never before been seen by the public. Please click on the following link to see pictures of his granddaughter.
Henri Rousseau’s granddaughter (?) Jeanne Bernard-Rousseau

I only know of four child portraits in the world which are painted by Henri Rousseau: “Child with Doll”, “Flower Child/Enfant deFleur”, “Child with Puppet” and “Boy on the Rocks”.  Henri Rousseau’s Child Portraits Compared: GO  TO  CHILD  PORTRAITS

Gouache on Paper
This Rousseau portrait, Flower Child / Enfant de Fleur, is gouache (or chalk) on paper. Henri Rousseau also used chalk when he painted “The Painter and His Wife”, “Child with Doll”, and “Paysage avec Chateau.”

Signed by Henri Rousseau
The portrait, Enfant de Fleur / Flower Child, is signed by Henri Rousseau on the bottom right of the portrait. His signature can be seen more clearly on the painting than on this uploaded image of a photograph.

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